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Edn- Sexual education based on your health, desire and pleasure.

Edn is an app that increases the efficacy of sexual education, The app will allow users (+14)' to take control of their sex life based on their health, desire and pleasure.

In 2016 "Non-governmental Organizations agreed that sexual education is still limited". In Mexico, sexual education has always been a delicate subject and a controversial topic. The main problem is that it hasn’t been properly addressed. Today most organizations have addressed this conflict with a limited amount of information, believing that many topics should be kept secret or remain unspoken. Sexual education it’s not only about knowledge and theory it is also about your feelings.

How does it work?

As you enter to the app, edn will ask you a series of questions about your sexual life. The more you share the more the app will get to know you and be able to advice and teach about your sexual life. This app is designed to keep your sexual education active without age limit.

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We all learn together.

Edn eliminate the negative focus to sex education that most of the programs have nowadays, so the user can feel that “someone” understands their desire of pleasure and take care of them. The app do not only benefits teenagers but also the entire health system, including doctors, educators and parents.

The information in the app is complemented by doctors, therapists and professionals who share their knowledge. Then the information is provided through artificial intelligence to the users according their needs or doubts.

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