RSA Student Design Awards 2017

Over the past 8 months we have been working on a project called RISE, which started as a school project for the experience design class, where they gave us the RSA Student Design Award brief as a guideline. 

Once we started this project we were sure we wanted to solve a humanitarian crisis so we started to research about the United Nations problems that need to be addressed in this century. Continuing with the research we found out that Syria has many of this problems, poverty, lack of water, lack of food and nutrients, no proper health care. We knew something had and still has to be done to support them but the question was: how? 

How can we create a product that can solve so many important issues all at once, so we designed a variety of products but non of them we enough, until we saw that combiningmay of does ideas we could creat a unique textile and so it started the creation of RISE.

We developed this project over eight months and we never thought that this project would have the impact it has had over the last days. The RSA Student Design Awards and the project we have developed has changed our way of thinking about design and has taught us that design can be the breaking point in humanity helping and reshaping our world. We now are sure that we don't want creat more needs, we want to address human problems. 

Winning the RSA has been our first design award and it has been unreal and beyond amazing. We would now see if worldwide there are organizations that would like to support us for further development and I maybe in the future make this project real. 

Dominik Bini