Internship learnings 2018

During February to July, I got the amazing opportunity to work as a design Intern at DePuy Synthes part of the Johnson & Johnson family working with closely with the R&D and the Industrial Design & Human Factors team in the orthopedic and medical device team.  Over the six months I was able to acquire different skills and learnings and today I want to share them.

1. Developing quality products with an impact on the market can take years and we must be patient something that we do not learn in school with projects that tend to last only 5 to 6 months. 

2. The designer is not the center of the universe, we can not think that we will change the world alone, we must work together with other disciplines to achieve incredible things that help the user fulfill its needs.

3. Design is not only a tool to delight the eye but a tool to delight life, through better products and services.

4. Never let your eyes fool you, aesthetics is dangerous, beauty does not mean it is useful or functional. Not everything that looks amazing is good design. 

5. Do not stop prototyping! Modeling 3D is amazing! but the computer distorts reality and sizes. There is nothing better than having the idea in your hand. Do fast prototyping, print as much as you can in 3D, we can not forget the importance of iteration. 

6. Today many professions design and create, but what makes us different from the rest?  Every single day more professions use design methodologies, entrepreneurs are creating amazing things, engineers know how to use CAD programs? so where is our differentiator?

What makes us different as Industrial Designers is the ability to observe and communicate as designers we also have a huge empathy with our surroundings a. As Industrial designers, we must learn to tell stories and to transmit ideas (remember that there are non-creative people who need to understand you). 

7. Do not design for another project for your portfolio or for one more prize, design and enjoy each step of the process, fall in love with your research, draw with the heart and design with the soul and everything else will come by itself.

8. Enjoy being a designer every single moment of the day.

A special thanks to all the amazing people who I meet and got the chance to learn from them, It was a ride beyond amazing.

Dominik Bini